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Grow With Us Scheme & Christmas Club

Grow With Us Scheme

At Arragon's Cycles, we offer a 'Grow With Us' Scheme. When you purchase a new bike, if you've previously purchased a bike off us, we'll sell the used one on your behalf. The second hand bike will be sold after you have purchased the new bike, and the proceeds will be waiting for you at the shop for you to collect. This is usually in time for your new bike to return for it's first free service.

Christmas Club

Alongside our 'Grow With Us' Scheme, we also have a 'Christmas Club' for you to put a bike away for Christmas. The benefit of this is that you can pay in installments up until Christmas Eve, with an initial deposit of 10%. Ask a member of staff in store for more information.


This is not just for kids, we can also provide this service for adult bikes and accessories.