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This year Bosch's annual model year upgrades will take place under special circumstances, as Covid-19 continues to pose major challenges. As the past few weeks have shown, bicycles are playing an increasingly important role as a means of transport and leisure partner. This is why we are pleased to present their new features for model year 2021!

The Performance Line CX offers a unique eMTB experience: Compact, lightweight and with more power, it combines high-quality materials, an extremely powerful drive and high-end sensors. This brings eMountain biking on the trail to a whole new level. From model year 2021 the performance Line CX will feature a torque of up to 85 Nm, new features in the motor control and a further development of eMTB mode - all as a software update. For a thrilling riding experience: more natural, intuitive, powerful and an absolute benchmark in this class.

Highlights for 2021 Motor include:

  • NEW More torque

More powerful than ever: Increased to 85 Nm, the torque has a noticeable effect on riding behaviour. It accelerates faster, particularly at low cadences, and makes uphill starts much easier. The eMountain biker has more power available for whenever it's needed.

  • NEW Extended Boost

Impressive performance on the trail: Extended Boost is the unrivalled function for negotiating exposed roots, steps and stones with ease, even uphill. The eMTB will respond with agility and ease to even the most technically demanding trails.

  • NEW Perfect control

Ready for every challenge: The advanced eMTB mode ensures even better control on the trail, without having to switch riding modes. The motor responds much more sensitively to the rider's effort, especially in low gears, enabling an extremely sensitive start.

  • Maximum agility

Extraordinary sensitivity: Thanks to the multi-sensor concept that takes more than 1,000 measurements per second, the drive unit is characterised by an extremely sensitive response. When combined with the innovative Bosch power control, dynamic, responsive and natural riding modes are available.

  • Thermal stability

For extreme loads: The drive unit is extremely efficient and, thanks to the completely maintenance-free 16-pin BLDC electric motor featuring the latest bar winding, it is characterised by great thermal stability. This ensures constant performance even under continuous load.

  • Natural riding dynamism

Perfectly controlled support: The powerful 32-bit processor enables sensor signals to be processed at high speeds. Performance can be controlled precisely, offering eMountain bikers the best possible support in all riding situations.

NEW A riding experience that sets the benchmark: From model year 2021 onwards, the Performance Line CX provides even more riding enjoyment on the trail - with advanced software and a maximum torque of 85 Nm. The increased torque ensures greater performance, supporting eMountain bikers with even more power, especially in low cadences. In eMTB and Turbo mode, this leads to significantly faster acceleration and makes hill starts much easier. Thanks to a broader cadence range, unpredictable riding situations can be mastered even more effectively - for example in the case of late gear shifting or accelerating out of tight bends. Riding remains smooth and free from jolts, even when standing on the pedals or in Turbo mode.

NEW Extended Boost is the unrivalled function for negotiating exposed roots, steps and stones on the trail with ease, even uphill. The eMTB can be maneuvered with much greater agility and ease on technical sections. The unique dynamism means that obstacles can be overcome with ease by applying the right amount of pressure to the pedal. The pedals rarely, if ever, jam. The new, innovative function in eMTB mode can be controlled to optimum effect in all riding situations. If the front wheel is already on the step, a slight pedal pressure is all it takes to give the decisive "kick". This takes pedal management to a whole new level.

NEW The progressive riding mode for every occasion: Advanced eMTB mode ensures eMountain bikers are well-prepared for whatever riding situation the trail may have in store. New sensor and motor control functions give eMountain bikers a much wider range of dynamic and natural support. Riders continue to benefit from the proven technology of eMTB mode: Depending on pedal pressure, progressive motor support adapts perfectly to the riding situation. The improved adjustment of eMTB mode ensures optimum traction control in all gears and enables organic handling (AKA 'power on demand'). Start-up behaviour is much finer and more sensitive - especially in low gears. Due to the increased torque, the drive unit supports an even wider cadence range.


The software update will be available from specialist retailer Arragons Cycles from summer 2020 onwards and will be standard on all eBikes with Performance Line CX from model year 2020 onwards. New bicycle models from model year 2021 onwards will be available with the update from specialist retailers from autumn 2020 onwards.

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