Scott Vivo Plus Helmet in Top 5 Safest Helmets UK

Scott Vivo Plus MIPS Helmets
Scott Vivo Plus MIPS Helmets

Officially, the Scott Vivo Plus MIPS Helmet has just been announced as one of the top 5 safest helmets available in the UK.

Many helmets were included in the rigorous testing carried out by an independent insurance company called Folksam. Folksam are one of the largest insurance companies in Sweden.

Why does Folksam test bicycle helmets?

Every day several cyclists sustain head injuries, which are some of the most

serious injuries a cyclist can sustain. Studies from real-life crashes show that

bicycle helmets are very effective in reducing serious and fatal injuries. Two

out of three head injuries from bicycle accidents could have been avoided if

the cyclist had worn a helmet.

Folksam are committed to what is important to their customers. When they

test and recommend safe bicycle helmets they believe this can help to make

your life safer and also provide tips on how to prevent serious injuries.

Folksam carried out 5 tests on each helmet; two shock absorption tests with straight perpendicular impact and three oblique impact tests. Helmets that obtain the best overall results in the bicycle helmet test by Folksam are given their “Recommended” label. The “Recommended” symbol may only be used for products that have obtained a score at least 15% better than the median value for all tested helmets and the helmet also needs to get a better score than the median for the rotational and translational tests individually.

Overall, only 8 out of the 27 helmets tested received this "Recommended" label by Folksam and the Scott Vivo Plus MIPS was one of them! Out of the 8 helmets that received this label 5 of them are available in the UK.

If you'd like to take a look at the full report click this here:


Not only is The Scott Vivo Plus One of the safest helmets, is is also one of the most comfortable helmets and possibly even the best looking trail helmet on the market.

Available Now online and In-store.

Scott Vivo Plus (Tested): £95.99

Scott Vivo: £74.99

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