Welcome The Wahoo Kickr Bike

We are now taking pre-orders for the Wahoo Kickr bike. This is the ultimate indoor training bike for serious cyclists and is a product which has us excited. Until now, many of us would disregard indoor bikes as the position of our road bikes can't be replicated. After all why would you train in a different position?  With what Wahoo call TRUE FIT you can dial your exact position in. This works off stack and reach measurements which are transferred from your bikes frame geometry. What is really good is the adjustable crank length from 165mm to 175mm. For the ultimate replication we would say customise with your own preferred saddle, handlebars and pedals. The fit system is easy to use so is perfect for multiple users.  Another disadvantage in the past was either having no gear levers or something that didn't resemble a normal road bike system. REALITY SHIFT replicates the groupset gearing and functionally of Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo. Therefore tactility is the same as your normal road bike and you instantly feel at home.The bike also lets you program in different gear ratios and drivetrain setups. 

The unrivalled Wahoo Kickr RIDE FEEL is retained. The bike has the usual realistic resistance and unique grade simulation of 20% incline and a 15% decline. This makes your training dynamic and replicates the form used when climbing/descending on the road.The system is virtually quiet, thanks to electromagnetic resistance tops out at 2200 watts with +-1% accuracy. 

Full connectivity via Bluetooth and ANT+ to all your favourite training apps for example Zwift and Fulgaz. iOS, Android and PC (Mac or windows supported)

Price £2999.99 As always you are buying into our customer service. We will be there to build the bike, sort the BIKE FIT and advise with any of your questions.



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