Bike Fit Service

Bike Fit Service


Price: £100 or £130 including Sidas 3 feet insoles

A correctly fitting bike is crucial to injury prevention, comfort and performance.

Chris has been Fully Trained by John Dennis from Physiohaus, who is one of the most experienced Bike Fitters worldwide, working as lead instructor and fitter since 2009. He has developed and delivered education and advanced bike fitting philosophy for other bike fitters around the world.


What’s Included?

When you come to us for a Bike Fitting, you will receive:​ 

  • Interview

  • Physical Assessment

  • Shoe fitting and cleat adjustment

  • Dynamic bike fit using Dartfish Motion capture

  • Full adjustment of bike

  • Detailed and explained fit report

  • Follow up session

Requirements for fit:

Your own bike/bikes should be brought along to the session.Cycling shoes and clothing should be worn for the fit, preferably lycra so body markers can be placed in the most accurate manner possible.


During your fit:

1. Interview

The aim is to understand as much about you that related to cycling as possible. Your cycling type and injuries or discomfort will be the main focus of the interview. Aims which you aspire to along with current limitations and body type will allow a tailored bike position.


2. Physical assessment

Individual biomechanics will be assessed through a number of body measurements, flexibility and stability tests. There will be a concentration on the understand of your feet anatomy. Well supported feet and correct cleat adjustment is the absolute foundation of a bike fit.

3. Position analysis

Dartfish motion analysis will be used to carry dynamic analysis of your bike position. A series of adjustments to the saddle and handlebar position will be made in order to create your optimal position. Posture and pedalling technique will also be advised upon.

4. Fit report

A detailed fit report will be emailed to you after the fit. It will include all bike fit coordinates and explained still shots of before and after.